Friday, March 9, 2012

Rooster Without Head

Rooster - Mike Spent 18 Months Without a Head

"Headless Rooster continues to live after the attack with an ax." It is therefore in the Journal of the LIFE October 22, 1945 was the headline on an article about ... headless rooster, of course. "Since September 10," - wrote the magazine to its readers, - "cock rock Wyandotte Mike lives without a head. Mike lost his head for the traditional chicken by - Mrs. Olson, the wife of a farmer from Fruit, Colorado, decided to cook dinner, and cut off Mike's head. Mike got up and walked around as if nothing had happened. Mrs. Olson cut off most of the skull, but one ear, jugular Vienna and the lower part of the brain that controls motor function remained intact. "

01. Headless rooster Mike, October 1945. On the day of his "death" Mike was asleep, tucked his head under his wing.

02. Mike "dancing"

03. Mike is on a lawn mower. 

04. Mike on a farm in Colorado. "Miracle Mike," as some newspapers dubbed him, has lived without a head 18 months. 

05. Case with accessories for feeding, such as pipette, with which food is placed in the esophagus.

06. Feeding Mike. 

07. Hope Wade - promoter, Mike povezshy at home and earn money. Colorado, 1945. 

08. Mike is sitting in the grass.

09. Hope Promoter Mike Wade holds his head. Some say that the present head of the cat ate Olson, and this belongs to another rooster.

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