Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The History of the Origin of the Names of Stars of Hip-Hop

Ten stories of the origin of the names of hip-hop celebrities

01. The name of Puff Daddy Sean Combs appeared in since childhood, then it just sounded like "Puffy". This gave him the nickname friends because when Sean was angry, he fanned his cheeks and puffed.

02. Snoop Dogg.
There are two stories that tell how Snoop Dogg took this name. According to the first, the young Calvin Broadus so much fond of the dog Snoopy, that in time his mother called him the same way. According to the second story, the boy's mother found the child with an unusual similarity between the dog and it prompted her to what to call her son in her honor.
03. Posdnuos.
This member of the De La Soul chose such a strange nickname, because turning it on the contrary, we find the name, which he wore as a DJ at school.
04. Bun B.
Few would have guessed who the Bun B, but fewer people know the meaning of his name. The first part - is an abbreviation for "Bunny", cute and fluffy bunny. But the second part of the name does not mean anything. In the words of the rapper, the idea of the nickname arose entirely spontaneous.
05. Flo Rida.
Yes, this guy is living in Florida, as its name implies, and it is this state it is dedicated. At its creation probably took no more than a minute meditations.
06. MEMPHIS Bleek.
In the name of this rapper is not just nothing special, he simply took the name of his native city.
07. Jay-Z.
Initially, alias Jay-Z was not quite as we know it is early in his career he was known as Jazzy. It was just a nickname, which has nothing to do with jazz. After high school he decided to change it to something more original and stylish sounding. And so it turned out Jay-Z.
08. Ludacris.
The history of the nickname does not carry anything particularly remarkable. The fact that it was created as a derivative of the rapper's real name - Chris. The rest of it - just a figment of his imagination.
09. P. Diddy.
Yes, P. Diddy back to our list. Next to him after the nickname Puff Daddy became P. Diddy. Such an original way he wanted to get away from his past, where there was a lot of weapons and violence.
10. Kenn Starr.
This man is the most mysterious of the stars of hip-hop. It is clear that Kenn Starr - coined the nickname, but is silent about its origins as Wikipedia and Google. Hopefully in the future, his secret will be revealed.

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