Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Most Dangerous Gang in the World

List of world's most dangerous gangs with whom you would not want to cross in a dark alley.

01. Jamaican Posse.
This gang, armed with assault rifles, known by its relations with the Government of Jamaica and for the brutality with which they kill their victims, sometimes floating, even irons, and axes.

02. Primeiro Comando da Capital (PCC).
This gang settled in Brazil, in all prisons in Sao Paulo, and slums. Known for kidnapping, extortion and blackmail. In May 2006 they had a week to keep all of San Paolo in the siege of killing police and setting fire to government buildings.

03. Crips.
This gang originated from a gang of 16-year-old boys, frightened passers-by. At the moment it is one of the biggest criminal organizations in the world. Its members are dressed in blue color and are characterized by extraordinary brutality, so strong that most of their deaths is the result of internal strife.

04. Aryan Brotherhood.
This gang is responsible for more than a quarter of prison murders in the United States. To enter here to kill a cellmate.

05. La Nuestra Familia.
This is one of the largest Chicano gangs in the world and one of the most implacable opponents of Mexican Mafia. The gang is known for its loyalty to the requirements of the process of initiation here is a few years. Everyone who came here way back no more.

06. Latin Kings.
This band is one of the most well-organized gangs in Latin America in the world. They have their own constitution, which includes traces of Marxism, Confucianism and Christianity. Despite the fact that they are not particularly violent, their activities include assassinations.

07. James-Younger Gang.
Unlike other gangs, Jesse James and his companions are dead. This band is not famous for cruelty, and the art of stealing money from people.

08. Mexican Mafia (La eMe).
This gang - an ally of the Aryan Brotherhood from the southern coast of the United States. Known for its active participation in the drug trade. Gang members easily identified by a special tattoo of a black hand placed on his chest.

09. Wah Ching.
Despite the fact that the history of this band is controversial, there is a well known thing - they know how to perfect to make money. Despite the fact that they often resort to extreme violence, they use it only as a means to an end. The main part of their activities centered around the money-laundering and financial crimes in Los Angeles and East Asia.

10. Black Guerrilla Family.
This gang was founded in 1966 to overthrow the U.S. government. Among their allies a lot of bands on both coasts.

11. Area Boys (Agberos).
Poorly organized group of adolescents who roam the streets of Lagos, Nigeria. The group is known for their extortion and drug addiction. Despite their poor organization, they are still dangerous because of unprovoked attacks on civilians and passers-by their peers.

12. Almighty Black P. Stone Nation.
A street gang in Chicago with a strong emphasis in Islam. Its leader - Abdullah-Malik associated with Muammar Gaddafi. Despite the fact that behind them there was no known specific propensity for violence, quite often they were pursued by FBI agents.

13. Yakuza.
The members of the gang at the introduction of Japanese must cut all ties with her family to complete the proof of loyalty to the boss. The Western media widely the view that, as unfortunate members of the gang cut a single finger.

14. Hell's Angels.
A gang of bikers, widely known for his cruelty. It should also be noted that while the majority of the mafia groups or criminal organizations engaged in illegal activities for profit, gang violence is considered a part of life.

15. Cosa Nostra.
This is a crime syndicate known as the American Mafia, is an offshoot of the famous Sicilian Mafia. The roots of it goes to the East Side of New York at the time of the beginning of Italian immigration to the United States. This group is known for its brutality and ruthless punishment for violations of the Code.

16. Irish Republican Army (IRA).
This is not exactly a typical gang. The Irish Republican Army works like many bands in this list, the violence is their forte. IRA paramilitary group responsible for numerous deaths and acts of terrorism. Her goal - the eradication of Northern Ireland and the Irish government's single.

17. Bloods.
This gang is known for their red armbands and the rivalry with the gang Crips. Initially, Bloods were an offshoot of the gang, but after the conflict, they had to use extreme violence.

18. Texas Syndicate.
This is one of the smaller bands, consisting of an alliance with Los Zetas. They are known by a number of assassinations committed in the United States.

19. Triads.
This is a major Chinese crime syndicate has more than 2.5 million people worldwide. Known for their well-organized structure and bloody rituals.

20. Mongols.
Like the Hell's Angels, this group uses violence to the philosophy of life. Among other things, the two gangs at war with each other.

21. 18th Street Gang.
According to statistics, every day in the county of Los Angeles, someone becomes a victim of this gang. Over the last ten years, the gang committed murders in three times more than anyone on this list.

22. Los Zetas.
This is one of the most powerful drug cartels in the world. Los Zetas are responsible for so much death and destruction that it is impossible to convey in words. Their base is located in Mexico, but their influence extends far beyond the Mexican border.

23. Russian mafia.
Widely known for his practice not only to kill opponents, but all their family members, the Russian mafia brings new meaning to the word "cool." Their influence spread throughout the world.

24. Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13).
One of the most violent gangs in the world, MS-13 makes the most of the other bands look like school children, smoking marijuana. It was founded in California in 1980. Since then it has grown to 70,000 people throughout Central and North America.

25. The Mungiki.
This gang operates in the slums of Nairobi and has more than 100,000 people. In the past, its members were known for wearing dreadlocks and bathing in the blood. Their symbols - a severed human head on a stick.

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