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Friday, April 20, 2012

Angry bird new version

Angry bird new version

Monday, April 16, 2012

How smart is your right foot?

how smart brain

Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Titanic Real Story

The Titanic Real Story
On that fateful night of April 14, 1912 there were 2,235 souls crowded aboard the R.M.S. Titanic.  There was no wind to speak of.  The frigid, dark sea was calm, like a plate glass mirror beneath the star-spangled heavens.  It was an hour before midnight on a starry, moonless night.  While the band played on beneath the decks in the first class lounge, and while the night watch paced the Bridge high above, the greatest maritime tragedy in the history of sailing, stealthily, silently awaited them in the ice-strewn midnight waters of the North Atlantic.

Survivors recalled a gentle shudder that briefly shook the 900 foot long vessel.  It came and went so quickly that nobody gave it much of a second thought.  Except for the occupants of the Bridge–who in the split seconds before that collision, saw the towering iceberg ahead, floating in their unlighted pathway.  The helmsman swerved to miss the iceberg–but they would have been better off to have struck it head on.  In narrowly avoiding a head-on collision, they suffered an even worse fate!
The Titanic Real Story
Three-fourths of the iceberg lay unseen beneath the calm ocean surface.  When  the Titanic swerved, it brushed the iceberg's underside on the starboard side of the bow, slitting a quarter of an inch wide opening more than 300 feet down the side of the vessel.  Like a titanic can opener, the iceberg knifed open the side of the iron hull.  The damage was just enough to cause the metal plates to buckle so that six watertight compartments began taking in sea water.

So scientifically had this great sailing ship been constructed, with 16 watertight compartments in a 1/6 mile long hull, that the captain had made a pre-voyage boast, "Not even God himself could sink her".  The builders had calculated that even if four of the compartments should burst, the ship would still float!  But on that starry night, six of them exploded and began to suck in the frigid water of the North Atlantic!  Mathematically, the "unsinkable ship" was mortally wounded.  And, in two hours she was gone.  Commander Lightoller, one of the few crew members who survived the tragedy, described the moment it sank.
The Titanic Real Story
Moment of Sinking
Commander Lightoller's eyewitness description: 
"When [floating in the dark] I recognized my surroundings, we were full fifty yards clear of the ship.... Lights on board the Titanic were still burning, and a wonderful spectacle she made, standing out black and massive against the starlit sky; myriad's of lights still gleaming through the portholes, from that part of the decks still above water. 
The Titanic Real Story
 "The fore part, and up to the second funnel was by this time completely submerged, and as we watched this terribly awe-inspiring sight, suddenly all the lights went out and the huge bulk was left in black darkness, but clearly silhouetted against the bright sky.... This unparalleled tragedy that was being enacted before our very eyes, now rapidly approached its finale, as the huge ship slowly but surely reared herself on end and brought rudder and propellers clear of the water, till, at last, she assumed an absolute perpendicular position.  In this amazing attitude she remained for the space of half a minute.  Then with impressive majesty and ever-increasing momentum, she silently took her last tragic dive to seek a final resting place in the unfathomable depths of the cold gray Atlantic. 

Titanic 2012 new photos
Titanic 2012 new photos

Titanic 2012 new photos

Titanic 2012 new photos

Titanic 2012 new photos

Titanic 2012 new photos

Titanic 2012 new photos

Titanic 2012 new photos

Titanic 2012 new photos
Of the 2235 occupants, 1522 met their death in those dark waters including most of the men, most of the third class, most of the crew, and all of the band.  Only 713 people were rescued.

And the world lined up for hours to relive their tragic story in the most watched movie ever in human history.  Why?

Could it be that Titanic is more than a tale about love and death of heart throbs Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio?  Could it be that there's a deep, subconscious sense the world over that this tragedy at the beginning of the 20th century was in fact a warning parable of an ominous unnamed tragedy that hangs like Damocles' sword over our planet, while we're partying to beat the band? 
The Titanic Real Story

The Titanic Real Story

The Titanic Real Story

The Titanic Real Story

The Titanic Real Story

The Titanic Real Story

 The Titanic Real Story

The Titanic Real Story


Friday, April 13, 2012

garuDa 100th blog post

Finally! I have arrived on this reality of writing my 100th blog post. Thank God I have reached this point of blogging. Thanks to all the visitors, by passers and commentators who shared their precious time and ideas in You guys become my breath and epitome in my life as a writer and a blogger. 
The whole blogging experience has changed the way I look at life and things around me. I have become so thoughtful, with every new thing that comes to my mind, I think to blog about it. Every new place I visit, I think to blog about it, every another good blog I read, I think why didn’t I wrote this, every book that I read, I wish to review it on my blog.

Apart from my readers, I owe a big Thank You to thank him for annoying things that he did me to create a blog like this one.The biggest thank you goes to Gobi, my brother. He was the one who made me that I should write blogs, which I did. And I think that was the best piece of advice anybody could give me. Thanks Gobi. Appreciate that.

My immediate goal is to make my blog visited by thousands of daily happy users online. So it then became my plan to make my hundred posts a thousand posts immediately. Accordingly, I’m continuously task to write and write and write as many good and useful articles as I can. I am also responsible to learn and learn and learn as many lessons as I can. There is practically no end in learning as there is virtually no end in teaching.

Wish me luck and a very good luck to my blog.

Happy Tamil NEW YEAR

"Oh my Dear, Forget your Fear, Let all your Dreams be Clear, Never put Tear, Please Hear, I want to tell one thing in your Ear, Wishing u a very Happy Tamil "NEW YEAR"! "garuDa

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Don't s after a Meal

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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Resistance spread 'compromising' fight against malaria

dreamstime_9607535-resizedScientists have found new evidence that resistance to the front-line treatments for malaria is increasing.

They have confirmed that resistant strains of the malaria parasite on the border between Thailand and Burma, 500 miles (800km) away from previous sites.

Researchers say that the rise of resistance means the effort to eliminate malaria is "seriously compromised".                                                                   Malaria is spread by mosquitoes

For many years now the most effective drugs against malaria have been derived from the Chinese plant, Artemisia annua. It is also known as sweet wormwood.

In 2009 researchers found that the most deadly species of malaria parasites, spread by mosquitoes, were becoming more resistant to these drugs in parts of western Cambodia.

This new data confirms that these Plasmodium falciparum parasites that are infecting patients more than 500 miles away on the border between Thailand and Burma are growing steadily more resistant.

The researchers from the Shoklo Malaria Research Unit measured the time it took the artemisinin drugs to clear parasites from the bloodstreams of more than 3,000 patients. Over the nine years between 2001 and 2010, they found that drugs became less effective and the number of patients showing resistance rose to 20%.

Prof Francois Nosten, who is part of the research team that has carried out the latest work, says the development is very serious.

"It would certainly compromise the idea of eliminating malaria that's for sure and will probably translate into a resurgence of malaria in many places," he said.

Untreatable malaria

artemisia-annua-devin-polichuk-585                                 The drug artemisinin is derived from the Artemisia annua plant

Another scientist involved with the study is Dr Standwell Nkhoma from the Texas Biomedical Research Institute.

"Spread of drug-resistant malaria parasites within South East Asia and overspill into sub-Saharan Africa, where most malaria deaths occur, would be a public health disaster resulting in millions of deaths."

The scientists cannot tell if the resistance has moved because mosquitoes carrying the resistant parasites have moved to the Burmese border or if it has arisen spontaneously among the population there. Either way the researchers involved say it raises the spectre of untreatable malaria.

"Either the resistance has moved and it will continue to move and will eventually reach Africa. Or if it has emerged, now that artemisinin is the standard therapy worldwide then it means it could emerge anywhere," Prof Nosten.

"If we were to lose artemisinin then we don't have any new drugs in the pipeline to replace them. We could be going back 15 years to where cases were very difficult to treat because of the lack of an efficacious drug."

Artemisinin is rarely used on its own, usually being combined with older drugs to help fight the rise of resistance. These artemisinin based combination therapies are now recommended by the World Health Organization as the first-line treatment and have contributed substantially to the recent decline in malaria cases in many regions.

Prof Nosten says the current spread of resistance could be similar to what happened in the 1970s with chloroquine, a drug that was once a front-line treatment against the disease.

"When chloroquine resistance reached Africa in the middle of the 1970s it translated into a large increase in the number of cases and the number of children who died increased dramatically."

In a separate paper published in the journal Science researchers have identified a region of the malaria parasite genome that is linked to resistance to artemisinin.

Dr Tim Anderson, from Texas Biomed who led this study, says that while mapping the geographical spread of resistance can be challenging it may be hugely beneficial.

"If we can identify the genetic determinants of artemisinin resistance we should be able to confirm potential cases of resistance more rapidly. This could be critically important for limiting the further spread of resistance."

According to the World Malaria Report 2011 malaria was responsible for killing an estimated 655,000 people in 2010 - more than one every minute. A majority of these were young children and pregnant women.

Friday, April 6, 2012


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