Saturday, February 11, 2012

Windows 8 Consumer Preview arriving

You know that 2012 is a leap year and Microsoft plans on making good use of the day, which comes just once every four years. On February 29, Microsoft will release Windows 8 Beta for public download. The Beta will officially be known as “Windows 8 Consumer Preview” and will be made available to users to download and try out.

Like all public Betas from Microsoft, there will be an expiration date, telling you till when you’ll be able to use it, but like always, there will be a hack out that will allow you to bypass that and use it for a longer period.

From the screenshot above, we get a little glimpse into what to expect from the nearly finished product. The desktop seems to be quite a departure from what we’re typically used to. The icons seem to be very similar to Win 7, at least the recycle bin does. The taskbar also seems to be borrowed from Windows 7, where one can pin frequently used apps for quick access. However, there doesn’t seem to be a ‘Windows’ button in the bottom left corner.

The system tray has also been done away with and instead, we have a console on the left with options for toggling different networks. The design elements for this section are influenced heavily by Windows Phone 7. Given the fact that users will be able to switch between the standard Windows desktop and Metro UI-like interface seamlessly, we’ll have to just get accustomed to this new hybrid interface. Windows 8 will also be very customizable, so we guess you’ll have the freedom to move things around the place to suit your needs.

Windows 8 will be based on a brand new kernel and the same will make its way to tablets and other portable devices as well, like phones, in order to deliver the same experience. It appears that this MWC will be one of the most action packed events in a long time and one that you should definitely not miss.

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