Friday, February 10, 2012


Regedit, You may be thinking "Regedit, what the hell is that?!" or if you have a reasonable amount of experience with computers "Oh awesome a page about what this program is.

What is Regedit?
Regedit is basically a program that lets you edit ceratin values in your computer (short for "Registry Editor"). BEWARE, DON'T JUST PLAY AROUND IN REGEDIT, SOME THINGS CAN SERIOUSLY HARM YOUR COMPUTER IF CHANGED OR REMOVED. You can do really cool things with it such as remove buttons on your computer .e.g remove the shutdown option or make a message appear at startup.
Before you do anything you will need to know how to access the program.:
So first go to your start menu
Then click run
Now type "regedit" without the quotes

Regedit should open (if it doesnt contact me)

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