Friday, April 13, 2012

garuDa 100th blog post

Finally! I have arrived on this reality of writing my 100th blog post. Thank God I have reached this point of blogging. Thanks to all the visitors, by passers and commentators who shared their precious time and ideas in You guys become my breath and epitome in my life as a writer and a blogger. 
The whole blogging experience has changed the way I look at life and things around me. I have become so thoughtful, with every new thing that comes to my mind, I think to blog about it. Every new place I visit, I think to blog about it, every another good blog I read, I think why didn’t I wrote this, every book that I read, I wish to review it on my blog.

Apart from my readers, I owe a big Thank You to thank him for annoying things that he did me to create a blog like this one.The biggest thank you goes to Gobi, my brother. He was the one who made me that I should write blogs, which I did. And I think that was the best piece of advice anybody could give me. Thanks Gobi. Appreciate that.

My immediate goal is to make my blog visited by thousands of daily happy users online. So it then became my plan to make my hundred posts a thousand posts immediately. Accordingly, I’m continuously task to write and write and write as many good and useful articles as I can. I am also responsible to learn and learn and learn as many lessons as I can. There is practically no end in learning as there is virtually no end in teaching.

Wish me luck and a very good luck to my blog.

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